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1c PVC/Nylon THHN

Image of 1c PVC/Nylon THHN

General purpose small diameter secondary cable. The nylon sheath facilitates easy pulling into saw cuts, trenches and ducting.  It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, aviation fuels, gasoline, grease and other chemicals.

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  • UL 83 Thermoplastic Wire and Cable
  • UL 1063 MTW
  • UL 758 AWM
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544


  • Bare soft-drawn class B stranded copper


  • Heat resistant PVC
  • Various colours available on request


  • Nylon

Temperature Rating

  • 90°C max. conductor operating temperature


Conductor Size Stranding Nominal Overall Diameter mm Nominal Weight kg/km
10 AWG 19/0.59 4.11 48
12 AWG 19/0.47 3.28 30
14 AWG 19/0.37 2.84 19