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Flat 3 Way Plug & Socket

Image of Flat 3 Way Plug & Socket

Our three pole plugs and sockets are designed for the connection of airfield lighting to isolating transformer secondary circuits and incorporate an earth connection.  Two styles are available, one with three individual high temperature wires and one with a three core cable construction.

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  • Manufactured for use on ADP airports in full compliance with technical directives 500160-A4 (plug) and 500238-A4 (socket)


  • Factory moulded using synthetic or silicone rubber for their robust and flexible properties
  • Generally moulded to rubber/TPE sheathed cables, other options include silicone, nylon and PTFE
  • Can be manufactured using single core cables from 1.5mm-4mm and three core cables from 1.5mm to 2.5mm
  • Secondary connectors can be manufactured to any specified length
  • 100% visually inspected and continuity tested during the manufacturing process 


  • 20 Amps - 600V between contacts - 1500V to ground