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Style 2 Plug

Image of Style 2 Plug

CDG`s Style 2 plug lead can be supplied to the manufacturers of AGL transformers or direct to contractors and airports for on-site installations and repairs.  The Style 2 plug can be combined with the Style 9 socket to form a prefabricated extension lead. 

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  • Manufactured in full compliance with FAA L-823, Class A specification, AC 150/5345-26


  • Factory moulded using synthetic rubberfor their robust and flexible properties
  • Moulded to rubber/TPE or XLPE sheathed cable
  • Can be manufactured using 6mm / 8AWG screened or unscreened primary cable
  • When moulded to screened cable the lead comes complete with an integral earth lead
  • Primary connectors can be manufactured to any specified length
  • 100% visually inspected during manufacturing process
  • 100% continuity and 15kV insulation resistance tested


  • 25 Amps - 5000V to ground


  • Style 9 socket
  • Style 10 Primary Connector Kit
  • Primary Connector Resin Kit