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Underwater Pool Lights

Image of Underwater Pool Lights

The underwater light 'quick release connector' rated as IP68 - completely submersible - this optional accessory can be fitted to the cable of existing conventional underwater lights. Designed to be wired in minutes it means that future bulb changing can be carried out away from the poolside.

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  • Factory moulded using synthetic or silicone rubber for their robust and flexible properties
  • Generally moulded to rubber/TPE sheathed cables, other options include silicone, nylon and PTFE
  • Can be manufactured using single and twin core cables ranging in conductor size from 1.5mm to 4mm
  • Secondary connectors can be manufactured to any specified length
  • 100% visually inspected and continuity tested during the manufacturing process 


  • 20 Amps - 600V between contacts - 1500V to ground