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Track Circuit Leads

Image of Track Circuit Leads

Custom Design Group track circuit leads deliver cost savings in signalling installation and maintenance projects.

Single core cables supplied with a factory moulded termination at one or both ends. The terminations are moulded in neoprene and provide excellent vibration protection for the electrical connection. Track circuit leads have twin connections, providing fail safe long term reliability. 


Custom Design Mouldings is a registered supplier on the RISQS Database

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  • Track Circuit Cable Assemblies comply with the design and performance requirements of the Network Rail standard GK/RT 0301 (where applicable)


  • Factory moulded using synthetic rubber for its robust and flexible properties
  • Generally moulded to rubber/TPE sheathed cables
  • Can be manufactured using single core 2.5mm C1 rail cable
  • Track Circuit leads can be manufactured to any specified length
  • 100% visually inspected and continuity tested during the manufacturing process


  • Low Maintenance
  • Design eliminates vibration
  • Fail-safe duplicate track connection
  • Factory made and tested for long term reliability
  • Stain relief design prevents cable failure
  • Fast installation in potentially dangerous areas
  • 100% electrically tested