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Primary Resin Joint Kit

Image of Primary Resin Joint Kit

CDG's Primary Resin Joint kit consists of all the necessary components to perform a waterproof connections between all classes of AGL cable (FAA L824) and transformers.  The use of these connectors provides a test point at every isolating transformer.  One kit is required for each joint or transformer installation. 


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  • Manufactured in full compliance with FAA L-823, Class A specification, AC 150/5345-26


  • Factory moulded using synthetic rubber for its robust and flexible properties
  • It can be connected to any cable of core diameter up to 10mm or 8AWG, and outside overall diameter up to 21mm
  • It is filled with a fast curing resin which gives the guarantee to complete dielectric strength and water tightness


  • 25 Amps - 5000V to ground


The Primary Resin Joint kit connects with the following

  • Style 9 socket
  • Style 2 plug